Write a press release

Write a press releaseWriting a professional press release and then communicating it is a cheap and quick way to inform the media, customers and business partners about news. However, you must consider different preparations for every target group and pursued medium.

Press releases for every target group

For example, if you would like to send a press release to customers that is to be taken over in a daily newspaper, complex wording will be inappropriate and out of place. This is different when it comes to publications for business partners, as this is intended for a professional journal.

Always have the right focus

That is why we always put emphasis on the right point and prepare every press release so it is sensibly adjusted to the audience and brings the desired information to the readers, to then obtain a large resonance.

Write convincing press releases

Our experienced copywriters know exactly how to strike the right note. The composed text is then not only read, but stays in the readers’ minds and inspires them to act. Your company can then enjoy more interactions, sales and requests. We are your competent partners for writing press releases.

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