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Traveller News WebseiteOn Traveller News we present you highlights of the tourism industry. Whether it’s a cruise, an extraordinary hotel or an exciting trip. On our website, you can find special events or recommend hotels or specific holiday offers. Have you already had a successful holiday / trip and would like to tell others about it? Visit our “Recommendation” section and briefly describe the hotel’s name, place and special features. So others can benefit from your advice in the future.

Important information for travellers
Our information for travelers is not limited to the presentation of special hotels. We also provide you with valuable information on the whole topic of travelling. Regular new subjects (such as theft protection during your holiday) are regularly added, so you are always well informed.

Traveller News – inspiration for your holidays
Are you currently planning your next holiday and are still completely free with with your choice of destination? Then get inspired here. On you may find exactly your dream destination. We will give you suggestions for beautiful hotels, cruise routes and much more. Be curious.

Present your extraordinary hotel
As a business customer, are you looking for new ways to present your beautiful hotel to a wide audience? For 25.00 € per month we offer you the possibility to advertise extensively for your company on our website and to show all the advantages. Upload impressive pictures or videos and describe the specific features of your hotel.

Booking your hotel with one click
On our website Traveller News new guests come directly to you. This is possible through our contact form, which is linked to your ad. If you were found on our site, visitors can request a room to book. Our mobile-optimized presentation works on all devices. You can easily make any changes to your text or images / videos yourself.

Premium offer for more features
Invest in a premium entry. This is where your hotel in your city or category is particularly highlighted. You will also receive a monthly search engine analysis (SEO) included in the price. This is how you advertise effectively using our website as another platform to offer your hotel to new guests.