Seo Trends 2018Was erwarten uns für SEO Trends 2018 ?

The year 2017 is drawing to a close and the question is what the SEO sector can expect from 2018. Obviously, Online Marketing is a quick changing branche and Google has already made clear this year which direction we are headed to.

SSL Certificate & Encryption
Protecting personal data has become an important role. Not only because of new legal regulations Google is pushing the Encryption forwards. The SSL Certificates are gaining relevance leading to Google Chrome defining Websites without HTTPS as not safe. A missing certificate can have a huge negative impact on the ranking of the website or at least cause the page tob e described as not safe.

Mobile First Index
This announcement was not surprising: Google introduced a Mobile Index triggered by the fact that most search requests are made on the smartphone. Page operator, who have yet not thought enough about their mobile presentation, should react in 2018. A webpage not offering a mobile version of the content is going to drop in the ranking. Meanwhile, Google is offering an own tool to examine the page usability for smartphones and co.

User Experience UX
The user experience is going to have a growing impact on deciding how popular the website is. Is a website operator able to offer what the target group wants? Or is the visitor leaving once they discover that the needed information cannot be found or is represented in a too complicated way? Google will evaluate this data to a much greater extent and use it to compile the search results.

Content Marketing
In 2017, content marketing was important to improve the visibility of your own website. As an important SEO measure, content marketing is used to present new topics and to increase the relevance of the website. Content marketing is nowadays no longer used for optimizing the search engine only, but must also meet the needs of the visitors. Through intelligent content marketing, website operators will improve their own Google ranking and at the same time gain new customers in 2018.

Featured Snippets
Google wants to publish more information directly on its own webpage, without having to open a third-party website. On Google, Featured snippets let users get directly to the search results they were looking for. The specific text paragraphs are independently selected and displayed by Google. It is important that the text passages solve the problem in 1-2 sentences to be displayed and then generate traffic for the complete article

In addition to search engine Google, there are other ways to present your own brand and win customers. Useful channels such as Amazon, Ebay, industry directories and many other portals should be considered to successfully position your own brand on the Internet. Depending on the company’s own industry, important rankings can be achieved outside Google.

Staying Up-to-Date

Even in 2018 you should adjust to the fact that updates of Google influence the rankings repeatedly. In this fast progressing business, keep up-to-date and react to change in search engine rankings. We will be glad to help you with difficult questions.