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Hotellerie News WebseiteTo find a hotel for themselves or the family, many rely on the work of relevant search engines. This way not all impressions of that location can be represented in a realistic manner. So how about a recommendation from other travelers? From a guest´s point of view quite different characteristics is important, for example a good location and connection. Take advantage of travel recommendations from other families or individuals

Hotellerie News – special hotels and their features
Hotellerie News presents selected hotels with their characteristics. Inspirational text and image contributions bring you a little closer to the atmosphere of the resort. Through memorable details, you get a comprehensive impression of what you can expect from your holiday although it hasn´t started yet.

Hotels and more information
Not only hotels, but also special events or special travel packages (for example hotel stay plus tickets) can be found on We would like to provide you with comprehensive information. Therefore, Regular news articles keep you up-to-date on the topics of holiday / travel / hotel. Check out our website so you do not miss any news in the future.

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Your hotel already has many regular customers, but there are still a few more guests to win? Simply present your company on our website. With interesting text content, expressive pictures or videos your future guests will get a first impression. Integrate your social media channels and benefit from our special services for the premium version of your ad.

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Reservation requests can be entered directly into your ad as well as via a contact form. This will make the booking process easier for your guests. And the existing Google route planner guides all travelers safely to their destination. If you want to make changes to your ad, you can do this at any time and independently.