Editing – professional service

Lektorat Are you looking for a professional editing and proofreading of your manuscript? Our qualified editors correct your text excerpts, articles, press releases or even complete novels, non-fiction books, biographies, e-books and more.

Text without typing errors

Mistakes can happen to anyone, but should still absolutely be corrected. Especially when it comes to printed products, a professional control should be carried out. After all, readers grudgingly stumble over mistakes in fascinating reading matter and are therefore ripped out of their reading flow. That is why we offer a professional editing for your magazine, business texts etc.

Successful titles

Many read works are not only characterized by a good and captivating story. They win over readers with a coherence of all content-related aspects. A fluid language and the avoidance of word repetitions are decisive for this.

Reliable editing

When we edit your text, we revise it linguistically and stylistically. This correction and textual scrutiny requires trust in the editor. That is why we take the time to discuss your work with you and point out possibilities for improvement in a joint dialogue. We perform a professional editing service.

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