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With our EAT & TRAVEL MAGAZINE, we have been able to successfully inspire people in the last few years, who were looking for exclusive hotel reputations, luxury goods or gourmet temples. In addition to this print version, our website is also available. We will provide you with the latest trends in luxury travel, cars, fashion and beauty. Let us take you to the most beautiful holiday resorts, read the stories about award-winning wineries and join us to excellent restaurants all over the world.

Eat & Travel Magazine – current news on point
Discover on EAT & TRAVEL Magazine one of the numerous videos about high-class cars and luxury travel. We can inform you on our website with pictures and films. All news, arranged in individual categories, can be found at a glance. Or read our latest print edition of Eat & Travel magazine online at Browse through our latest magazine issue published twice a year with all the information on travel, food, fashion, home, design and beauty.

Ads for yourself
As an entrepreneur in the luxury sector, you would like to offer your service or your goods? On EAT & TRAVEL Magazine you can represent your company. You do not have a text limit for an ad and you can illustrate your offer with 2 to 3 pictures. Of course, your website or product is also linked. Our support is free of charge and is always available via the contact form.

No other search engine
EAT & TRAVEL Magazine is no more search engine to find your new holiday hotel, car or restaurant. Because we are specialized on really breathtaking places, products and services. These include, in the first place, luxurious and high-quality items for the upscale lifestyle. Take advantage of our recommendations and our trend approach to meet one or the other luxurious desire. We would like to inspire you and look forward to see your suggestions.

EAT & TRAVEL Magazine